Happy customers and happy retailers create successful shopping centres and cities. Our mission is to create value for all stakeholders - customers, merchants and centre. For retailers we create traffic, sales and consumer data. For members we enhance the shopping experience and produce rewards - tons of rewards! For property owners we create reoccurring traffic, behaviour data on site and more spending and dwell time. Get to know the visitors for real and communicate in a relevant way.


Visitors per year is the key figure of the trading venues. The more visitors, the better the sales and the higher the real estate value. With a relational database of your customers, you have the opportunity to analyze and attract these feet at an individual level so they come more often. E-commerce is incredibly skilled at viewing traffic, analysing shopping patterns and applying follow-up based communication on these patterns. Today, technology is able to do this even in physical commerce and this whole journey begins with identifying your visitors.


With an application downloaded on the visitor's device and different types of on-site verifications in the marketplace, we can now look at different customer journeys and actually track their retail conversions just like online.


In order to get the downloads we need to add value for the customer - Entertainment, Convenience, Service and rewards are some examples of added value for the consumer and will show more than just the basic info on a website. The technology in an app can have great effects on the shopping experience, the use of GPS, wifi and other technologies can enhance the service level and experience.


We have developed our loyalty concept together with merchants and potential members. In order to get members in to your loyalty program or get the space on their device, there must be content that satisfies and activates the visitor. Traditionally, trading venues have been filled with promotions to make visitors become members, but this has been curtailed in recent years as the retailers' margins shrink and thus also the ability to produce offers that are good enough for the end customer. And to be honest - to find the best price for a product, you would probably find it online. So the result would be unattractive content for the consumer and a non active database.


Our concept is developed together with the merchants and instead of reducing their margins at the first purchase they reward the customer after a preset amount of purchases. The merchants will also have a login and be able to gain insight on their "own" customers.


All major retail chains have loyalty programs and know their target customer. But the strength of a shopping centre is the diversity of people visiting, many of who the retailers believe they have never met, but in reality, they are just not a member of their loyalty program. Now the retailers can gain insight into their mystery shoppers.


With a database filled with consumer profiles, behaviour patterns and purchase history, you are the owner of a potential gold mine. The opportunity to actually start earning money on your database along with brands and service providers is now closer than ever before. Not only selling a light rack but actually being able to sell real-time communication to just the right audience at the right time will be possible with this database.


Our administration interface is the heart of all our products and services. Here you control the content, get insights from statistics and manage all communication with your members. The interface is easy to handle and requires no prior knowledge