Goloyal started in 2009 when we created one of the first loyalty programs for shopping centers in Europe.

GoLoyal is a pioneer in digitising shopping malls and retail. Our creative ideas and platform have become standard for many property owners and loyalty providers around Europe. GoLoyal was one of the first to implement beacons in trading venues along with transaction technology that enables seamless verification of purchases. Our concept of digitising and creating loyalty is one of the most innovative in the market. Today, GoLoyal offers services and technical solutions to some of Europe's largest shopping centres. By identifying our visitors and analysing their behaviour and business, we can become more relevant in our communication and create a better shopping experience. We improve the entire customer journey and create values for both centres and retailers. In summary, we create loyal customers, happy dealers and increased sales! Goloyal is a Swedish company formed in 2009. Goloyal is a service provider and a SaaS partner for retail, city centres and property owners. Goloyal has offices throughout Europe for the convenience of our customers.


For customer support please contact support@goloyal.se or call +46 8 239 000


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